Applied Behavior Analysis (commonly referred to as ABA) is different than other therapies for children with Autism. ABA typically requires more parent/care giver involvement than other interventions such as Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy. The recommended number of hours can be as high as 40 hours per week to reach optimal outcomes. Parents often ask How am I supposed to make that happen? or Is that truly necessary? 

We think the  Lovaas Institute gives a great answer to these questions:

"The purpose of 40 hours of therapy is to provide a child with structured intervention throughout the day. During structured intervention, the environment is systematically manipulated to help a child remain successful while also teaching new skills quickly. In addition, parents are empowered to continue intervention throughout the child’s waking hours. Typically developing children learn from the natural environment all of their waking hours. The purpose of an intensive program is to allow a child with autism to learn how to learn in the natural environment and ultimately catch up to his or her typically developing peers."
ABA is more than a therapy, it is a lifestyle change. 

Before enrolling a child in an ABA program, parents should prepare to get the most out of ABA. Here are some suggestions:

1) All Care Givers Need to be on the Same Page
Calling all Parents, Family Members, Babysitters, Teachers, and Therapists!
ABA works best when everyone is on the same page. When a child first enrolls in an ABA program, a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) will work with the child to complete an assessment and write a treatment plan. This treatment plan will include systematic steps to help a child learn new skills or decrease negative behaviors. Whatever your child is working on, everyone needs to be on the same page. Interventions should not stop when the therapists go home. Intervention methods needs to be consistent to be effective. 


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